High Value Fertiliser (SOP) to feed the world and High Purity Alumina (HPA) to build batteries, smartphones and LEDs





SOP Process

HPA Process


Rationale for Both SOP and HPA


What is SOP (Sulphate of Potash)?


1: Also referred to as sulphate of potassium and potassium sulphate and its chemical description is K2SO4


SOP Process – The first of its kind


Rapid Growth Global Business Model 


Advantages of Errawarra SOP


Production Opportunity


Next Steps


What is high purity Alumina (HPA)?


HPA Process


Next Steps


1: If testwork outcomes are negative, HPA project will come to an end.


Industry Consultants

  Industry Consultants


Corporate Overview



Seed Raising - Use of Funds



Proposed IPO - Use of Funds1



SOP Companies



HPA Companies









Appendix - SOP and HPA Timeline